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DJs and Photo booths for Weddings, Parties in Oklahoma

More Than Music

The DJ without the Emcee is lost. The Emcee has become the voice of the wedding reception and keeps everything flowing and in order. Weddings without someone to take charge tend to be slow, unfulfilled and quite frankly boring in some cases. I heard of one incident even where the Bride’s Mother missed a cake cutting because there was no one to announce it. She made the bride and groom cut the cake again. If someone had been there to take charge and let everyone know what was going on, problem avoided.

August 28, 2017 0

Behind the Party

When most people think of a disc jockey, they often think of nothing more than the guy playing the music at parties or weddings. This is only one aspect of the job however. Although the event is where the disc jockey makes his money, only a fraction of the work is done during this time.

June 4, 2017 0

Hire a DJ with Personality

A few months back, a very kind man called me asking for a quote for his daughters Sweet 16 party. It was a very special event to him and he wanted to know that his DJ had a good personality and was capable of handling the event. After talking with him for a good 15 minutes asking him what he was looking for and what he expected, he hired me without question as to a price. Why? It was because I answered the phone and talked to him. When he told me that, I was flabbergasted to hear the whole story.

May 23, 2017 0

School Dance Fundraiser

For most people it was their first dance with someone of the opposite sex. For some, it was where they fell in love for the first time. I remember loving to go to the dance because it was a great opportunity to strut my stuff for the ladies. The school dance was a great after school activity. Hey! Wait a minute; they were making money off of me.

May 12, 2017 0