More Than Music

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More Than Music

August 28, 2017 Blog 0

By Christopher Bruce

Weddings are unique and can in many sizes, shapes and perspectives. While there are many of the historic formal events like cake cutting, toasts and first dances, there is a growing number of newer events like the Dollar Dance, Century Dance and other fun activities. The Mobile DJ is getting a larger role in the wedding reception, but the biggest growing role is the Emcee.

The DJ without the Emcee is lost. The Emcee has become the voice of the wedding reception and keeps everything flowing and in order. Weddings without someone to take charge tend to be slow, unfulfilled and quite frankly boring in some cases. I heard of one incident even where the Bride’s Mother missed a cake cutting because there was no one to announce it. She made the bride and groom cut the cake again. If someone had been there to take charge and let everyone know what was going on, problem avoided.

There are many of DJs who take on both rolls at weddings. Some do it well, but most struggle with playing the right song underneath themselves talking while trying to communicate with the bride and groom that it is time to make this announcement and move on. Two separate people working distinct roles make for the best quality.

When a DJ focuses on music and lights and other media at the wedding, he is able to play a “tight” set and keep under bed music going while the Emcee speaks. The Emcee is not confined to “behind the DJ booth” and can now walk around freely talking to guests and most importantly, staying in contact with the bride and groom (and whoever else may be involved in the next event like the brides dad for the Father-Daughter Dance.)

Don’t let your wedding be a disaster, hire a DJ and an Emcee together.

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